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cottontail, this morning
I remember my fifth grade class being herded into an auditorium so we could watch Richard Nixon's inauguration on television. Billy Graham spoke at the ceremony. About half the kids in that school district were Jewish and didn't share Graham's theology. I don't know how much I appreciated at the time how it felt for them to be a religious minority in the USA.

No one today has a position like Billy Graham did in the '60s and '70s. He was to evangelism what IBM was to the computer industry: huge, ubiquitous. Presidents still invite clerics to their inaugurations but there is no preëminent go‑to preacher.

Graham's body will lie in repose in the US Capitol next week, an honor rarely bestowed on private citizens. The USA respects men and women of reason less than it does a Billy Graham whose sermons argued from authority, full of sentences starting with "The Bible says".
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Jackrabbit at the Vegas airport,
one in a series of desert animal sculptures.
Fred, this morning
Fred, who needs no introduction
Fred, this morning
Fred the photogenic dog.
Lepus californicus
Gnomon is an island.
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Sometimes a new technology makes you appreciate how good the status quo was. Emojis--often illegible at the point sizes suitable for text--remind me of how nice and practical the alphabet is.
Pianist Yuja Wang, in conversation with Fiona Maddocks, The Guardian's classical music critic:
Yuja Wang:
If a beautiful male pianist wears tight pants, I'm not going to think, "What's in those pants?"
Fiona Maddocks:
Really not, Yuja?
Yuja Wang:
OK, maybe.

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