warrant canary

WHEREAS, freedom of speech is a crucially important right, as evidenced by its affirmation appearing early in the US Bill of Rights; and

WHEREAS, speech about government actions is one of the most important types of expression to protect; and

WHEREAS, the US government has placed gag orders on communications providers, forbidding publication of detailed information on demands for aid in surveillance; and

WHEREAS, the US government struck a deal in 2014 with Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, and Yahoo! allowing the publishing of vague statistics in bins of 250 or 1000 (e.g. "0‑999"), implicitly forbidding so-called warrant canaries: statements that exactly zero demands have been received; and

WHEREAS, TOMMYJOURNAL stands in solidarity with those who publish warrant canaries anyway, and with all who resist excessive interference with free speech; and

WHEREAS, canaries are named after the Canary Islands, not the other way around; and the Canary Islands are in turn named after dogs, and Tommy likes dogs;

THEREFORE, be it known that TOMMYJOURNAL has received ZERO (0) demands or inquiries of any kind from any government or law enforcement agencies.

HOWEVER, this warrant canary is merely symbolic because: But better a symbolic statement than none at all.

Lone Pine, California   October 7, 2014