Wildlife officials say the bear quickly woke up once they arrived to the forest and had little time to determine whether the bear was a male or female.
(from a recent newspaper article)
About Oakland, California, Gertrude Stein said (in Everybody's Autobiography) "there is no there there."

There is now. there
Steel plate sculpture by Steve Gillman
Geococcyx californianus
Roadrunner in my yard this afternoon.
When I moved to the desert in 1997, I kept the job I had with a company in the SF bay area. I was the only engineer working from from home. They'd call me with a speakerphone when we had group meetings.

I had a largely self-contained project and most of the discussion in meetings didn't apply to me. I'd put my phone on mute and wash dishes or something. Or if was tired, I'd lie down. That ran the risk of falling asleep and not responding when someone asked me a question. I remember drifting in and out and having the conversation in the meeting merge with dream imagery. That was kinda fun but it seemed more dangerous than falling completely asleep, as there was a chance I'd have a scary dream and blurt out something inappropriate.
I've read about inordinate delays in mail delivery at some post offices around the USA this year but I was only seeing occasional small delays if any—until yesterday, when I got two postcards in the mail. One was an appointment reminder my dentist sent a couple weeks ago (it arrived the day after the appointment) and the other was a return receipt from a letter I'd sent by certified mail back in July.

I filed my federal income tax return in March this year and didn't get a refund until August. In previous years it never took more than about a month.
the bar code encodes "SV170233" Label on an actual product carton. Inadvertent error or deliberate parody? Found here.
× marks my neighborhood
Fires continue to burn with a vengeance. I take what solace I can in that however grim the air is here today (and grim it is), it is not as bad as in some other spots.

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