our minds are merging
how horses do a Vulcan mind‑meld
quality assurance
guy building the house next door
brought his supervisor along today.
Dwarf mistletoe (Arceuthobium sp.),
looking healthier than the pine tree it's parasitizing
Sylvilagus audubonii
I don't like emojis in text because they can be illegible in a font size that makes sense on a phone screen, at least for those of us who aren't young and whose eyes won't focus close.

With exactly one exception, my friends don't use emojis when texting me (naturally, that is; I haven't told them whether I like emojis or not).

So when I'm texting someone and have typed half of a noun and the phone suggests a fucking picture of the thing before it suggests the spelled‑out word, what were the people who wrote the messaging app thinking. Does their user base use emojis like crazy and are my friends (with one exception) and I outliers for eschewing them?
Sceloporus uniformis, Yucca brevifolia
Yellow‑backed spiny lizard
hanging out in my J‑tree this morning.
click for larger
This morning.
Most jackrabbits here are wary of people, although less wary if they inadvertently approach you rather than the other way around. I was up on a ladder working on my house this afternoon when one of my resident jackrabbits came around the corner. He loped past me at a casual speed and didn't seem afraid. His body language was gentle, almost polite.

A few years ago, two jackrabbits came up my driveway together and found me standing still at the top. A faceoff ensued with them nodding their heads for a bit. They seemed somewhat taken aback at having missed seeing me sooner.

Then there was the jackrabbit I photographed and blogged about—on the 26th of July three years ago—who didn't mind me walking past him. (Most jackrabbits would have hightailed it.) Maybe he concluded I was a benign presence or maybe he just didn't want to move in summer heat.

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