When I first started working with wood, making curve‑shaped things usually started with drawing a shape on paper, perhaps with the aid of a compass and French curves. After settling on a shape, marking it on wood (with carbon paper or by cutting out the pattern and penciling around it) often introduced error.

I'm glad I don't have to do it that way anymore. The PostScript language (and many drawing programs) let you create cubic Bézier curves which concisely describe all kinds of shapes. You can print patterns on adhesive labels or clear film and stick that on wood before cutting.

The pic below came from some work I was doing on Thanksgiving day. I know it's traditional to give thanks for necessities like health or food or shelter but I am also grateful for Bézier curves and laser printers.
clear film pattern on maple
Sylvilagus audubonii
Bunny (and human) tracks in the snow.
photo by Russell Kokx
Sadie, Diego, and me.
my washing machine threaded a dish towel through a loop on a pair of pants.

On my word, I put the two into the machine separately.
magic washing machine
Uta stansburiana
I caught this handsome lizard in my house yesterday by throwing a T-shirt over him (or her). Most lizards run off right away when I take them outside and unfold the shirt but this one was calm enough to pose for pics first.
This morning I dreamt that a friend and I were visiting Richard Feynman. I said to my friend that as Feynman is by all accounts dead, what we were experiencing wasn't real. "It's very nice, though," I said.

It was the first dream I can remember in which I used a cell phone. With dreams being what they are, the phone didn't behave like my real‑life phone does.

Feynman asked me if I read Paragraph magazine. I said no (never heard of it). There is (was? their latest article is from February) a real‑life Paragraph, described thusly:
Paragraph Magazine is a creative home for curators, tastemakers, and deep thinkers.
the phrasing of which makes me want to run in the other direction.

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