This time of year, 14 years ago, I drove from New York to California in a rented truck. I ignored the signs on I‑70 in Colorado that said trucks were required to carry chains from September through May. It was a nice warm week with no chance of snow.

And yet there are years like 2022. Snow is forecast for Denver later this week.
The agave next door is at the stage where it looks like a hat rack.Agave parryi
In 1995, the little magazine I worked on had (on the back cover of issue #10) a parody ad for a Ken doll with Kaposi's sarcoma lesions.

This week, Mattel announced a Ken doll with a skin condition (vitiligo).
Sciurus griseus
western gray squirrel this morning
My two closest friends in high school got their girlfriends pregnant. Both girlfriends had abortions.

I'm still in touch with both friends. After last week's leak, one of them remarked that had abortion not been available in New York in 1975, the parents probably would have been involved and arranged a trip to Barbados. As it was, his parents and his girlfriend's were none the wiser. He had gotten her pregnant on his first time ever having sex.

He ultimately married (not his first girlfriend though) and had kids. Before his wedding in the mid‑1980s, he called to ask for my discretion about something. He said his parents knew his fiancée had been divorced but didn't know that she'd been divorced three times and he didn't want them to find that out at the wedding. I said, well, then tell them beforehand. He wasn't amused.
Agave parryi
The first flower buds are starting to appear near the top.
Agave parryi
the stalk is ten feet tall and growth continues unabated
be prepared for either eventuality

location; see also this sign
Agave parryi
agave (with primate for scale)
I generally avoid social networking sites but I made an exception recently: I started following people on Twitter last year. I'm finding more useful information and commentary there than I expected I would. I especially value the European perspectives on the war in Ukraine that are available on Twitter.

Twitter's management has been criticized for not finding ways to make money on a scale comparable to that of its competitors. I think it's not an accident that the least profitable site of the lot is the one I'm most interested in reading.

Your guess is as good as mine as to how Twitter will change now that you‑know‑who is buying it.
Agave parryi
Yesterday afternoon. This is the same plant as in the pic a week earlier. I love the contrast between the unrushed pace of growth of the bodies of some desert plants and the speed their flower stalks develop at.
Lepus californicus
Jackrabbit before dawn.
Robinia pseudoacacia
A casualty of fierce wind we had six days ago.

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