different sized fingers in each brand's corner joints
I keep hardware, tools, etc. in these boxes. They're probably older than I am and, unlike me, they're still good for something.
Lepus californicus
both eyeballs visible from behind.
From conversation with a friend's four year old son this afternoon:

I'm gonna put mom in a portal and send her to another universe.
That's what portals are good for.
"slower — and predictably, reliably so" (original here)
The friend who lovingly lettered this notice on a shipping carton of course packaged the enclosed item so well that it would get to me intact no matter which side was up.up
A friend of mine thought it was curious that words for elevator in several languages all refer to lifting whereas elevators are used just about as much for descent as ascent.

I wonder why equinox has nox (night) in it but not day. German at least has the word Tagundnachtgleiche ("day and night equal").

Happy equinox (12:21 this afternoon PDT), everyone.
I was talking with a friend on the phone today (yes we're both over 60) and we got on a subject that let me use the word ullage in conversation and that made my day.
Renegade Canyonthe dump
Pre-Columbian petroglyph in the Coso Rock Art District and
spray paint on concrete (recent) at the dump east of town.
By county: new COVID cases per 100,000 people in the past week (the darker the color, the more new cases) and votes to recall Governor Newsom (mustard means more voted for recall).
the vote was close in my county (about 51%‑49%)
Alabama  7!/4! For the final exam in a high school math course I took in 1975, each student was allowed to have notes on a green 5"×8" index card. You handed in the card in advance and it was waiting for you at your seat when you took the exam.

The somewhat cryptic note here is from a friend's card. His notes also included e to 147 decimal places. (Mine had π to 84 decimal places.) He's a lawyer now.
Odocoileus hemionus
This afternoon.
The first deer I've seen in my yard in over 20 years living here.
Lepus californicus
Andy Grote, a state senator in Hamburg, Germany, celebrated his 2020 reëlection with a private party (prohibited during the pandemic). He at first said it was a "stupid mistake" and claimed he didn't break any rules. He was fined €1000. His name entered the language: groten became a verb for partying during the pandemic.

More recently, Grote tweeted in support of the Hamburg police breaking up a mass gathering in the streets that was deemed a threat to public health. Among the responses was one from @pauli_zoo saying "Du bist so 1 Pimmel." (You are such a dick.)

Insulting someone is illegal in Germany. @pauli_zoo tweeted yesterday that six police officers had come to his/her house at 6:00 in the morning with a search warrant to confiscate electronic devices associated with posting the insulting tweet. German media (e.g., Welt, Spiegel) are calling the affair "Pimmelgate".

Hamburg police say this isn't an isolated case and they've conducted dozens of similar searches. They said Grote's prominence played no role in this case. According to Die Welt, the insult was first discovered by police who then went to Grote to see if he wanted to press charges.

(also: this cartoon)

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